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LEVEL 2-5 Apprenticeships Available


Retailers purchase around £180bn worth of goods for resale, supporting £47bn of output from other sectors. Retail is Britain’s largest private sector employer, providing jobs for almost 3 million people and so is responsible for more than 10% of total UK employment.

80% of the UK’s farm produce reaches its market via UK retailers. Retailers source around 60% of their intermediate inputs from UK financial and business services, 20% from manufacturing, while other retail and wholesale firms, and transport and communications firms each contribute around 10%.

Key to the success of this sector is good Customer Service and here at NWEAT we offer great Training covering the full range of Customer Service, Business Admin and Managerial Roles.


  • Business Administrator

  • Customer Service Assistant

  • Customer Service Advisor

  • Customer Service Representative 

  • Supervisor

  • Team Leader

  • Project Officer

  • Shift Manager

  • Business Coach

  • Career Coach

  • Coaching Practitioner

  • Coaching Professional

  • Leadership Coach

  • Performance Coach

  • Systemic Coach

  • Team coach Wellbeing Coach

  • Operations Manager

  • Regional Manager

  • Divisional Manager

  • Department Manager


NWEAT'S apprenticeships take between 12 and 36 months depending on the apprenticeship standard, the apprentices existing knowledge and the needs of the business.

12 - 36


entry requirements

Entry requirements for our apprenticeships are determined in conjunction with the employer and based on our Trade Skills Assessment. The apprentice must also be capable of achieving Maths and English prior to taking End-Point Assessment.

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