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Skills Bootcamp - Free Training

Northwest Education and Training are proud to be partners with The City of Liverpool College, set to deliver Skills Bootcamps in HGV driving across the Northwest, as part of the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee, helping everyone to gain skills for life.


Skills Bootcamps have been designed to help bridge the HGV driver skills gap, giving people the opportunity to build sector-specific skills and fast-track to an interview with a local employer upon completion of the course.

Skills Bootcamps are FREE, flexible courses of up to 16 weeks and are available for individuals who:

  • Have no, or limited, prior experience

  • Qualified HGV drivers who require additional in demand HGV qualifications


Training will include CPC training and verification, theory, hazard perception and case studies, practical training and a guaranteed interview on completion of the course.

Entry Requirements

To be eligible to apply for this course you MUST:

  • Be a resident in the Northwest, UK

  • Be aged 19+ from 31st Aug 2023

  • Have less than 6 points on your licence

Our Successes


James Topping

May 2022

Pass - Class 1

Apply Today!

Learner Case Studies 


Jay Hicks

June 2022

Jay is one of our early success stories, when he first applied, Jay was unhappy in his previous employment and had a burning desire to gain his HGV License and get out on the road. He quickly impressed with his enthusiasm and driving skills, he was selected as a good HGV 1 candidate and proved a good choice passing first attempt. Jay expressed how much he enjoyed the course, from the classroom sessions with Steve and Kenny, where he stated he gained so much information and help “Kenny is an absolute Legend” according to Jay, not only knowledgeable, but great fun and enthusiastic to be in the classroom with. Jay was put forward for a position at JMD haulage, one of the many employers we work closely with, Karen Ward was very impressed with him both at the start and to date, which encouraged her to ask for another new pass. Jay is now working across the country averaging a 60 hour week taking home after taxes over £800, Jay stated “ I cant praise and thank the staff at NWEAT enough, Steve, Kenny and Glen who took me through my driving. It was well organised and professional at all times, I had no sooner passed everything, and they had an interview lined up for me. NWEAT have kept in touch with me to monitor my progress, and JMD have been amazing with bringing me on as a new driver to the industry and ensuring I had all the tools and help to hit the road. If your going to do it, you couldn’t choose better than NWEAT Driver training, thank you all for an amazing opportunity"


James Topping

May 2022

James came to NWEAT looking to change his career path, previously a men’s Barbour, he decided on a complete change and quickly got to grips with the theory side and then the practical driving. Once James had completed all training, he was promptly employed by Brakes Warrington doing multi-drops, James expressed “ I love my new job and getting out on the road, it’s a big change from my previous role, but I am really enjoying it, plus I earn a lot more which has made a real difference to home life ” Best choice I have made in a long time, would strongly recommend it to anyone, and NWEAT helped through each and every step.


Daniel Daley

May 2022

I heard about this course through friends who had already done it, I looked on the website and got in touch, thinking it will take ages. I got an immediate response and within a few weeks I was on the classroom training. I had to undergo some assessments initially to ensure my driving was at a reasonable standard, a highway code test, then medical and I was on my way. The classroom was very relaxed and the tutor very knowledgeable, there was far more to learn than I expected, but I just think NWEAT go the extra mile to prepare us better for the jobs ahead. The whole process was challenging, and I had to work hard to pass everything, I would have struggled doing it on my own so appreciate all the help. As soon as I had passed my test, NWEAT were calling with interviews and job opportunities, you don’t have to take the jobs on offer, you can find your own, but they are so helpful and have links to lots of employers, it takes a lot of the worry out of finding work and leaving my old job. I can’t thank them enough for the opportunity and all the help, I love my new role and the freedom it gives me. Thanks NWEAT.

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