Helping to shape the future, NWEAT utilises Government funding along with a measure taken from 'Get Britain Working'. We provide an entirely free service to attract and train talent for our employers. Your only commitment as an employer is to be actively recruiting for 5 or more vacancies at any one location and provide a work placement (minimum 1 day) for course completers. Upon successful completion of all elements an interview will also be required. Sector based work academies target the unemployed and helps to prepare the candidates for work in specific industries. NWEAT specialises in delivering excellence in:

  • Warehouse & Logistics  

  • Passenger Transport

  • Customer Service

  • Health & Social Care   

“It was no use investing heavily in the fleet if the people ultimately responsible for the passengers were not up to the task. We wanted to give the drivers all the skills they need to show that our organisation is providing a top quality service.”

Operations Manager -Darren Stewart





Why Choose NWEAT?

NWEAT’s first consideration is our learners. At NWEAT we  continuously strive to ensure our learners achieve their highest potential. This results in NWEAT's employers retaining a team of skilled and motivated individuals with the ambition and drive necessary to succeed. ​The team will work with you to understand your existing needs, challenges and opportunities. We then uses this information to design, develop and deliver relevant training to support your existing or future career prospects.

What NWEAT Offers

NWEAT offers a relaxed environment that not only promotes learning, but also caters to the well being of our learners. We deliver training that stimulates, motivates and promotes the highest level of learning, ensuring that you come away with the skills and desire needed to achieve your goals provide the training and skills necessary to succeed. With continued, ongoing support and progression NWEAT has the highest level of teaching, training and assessment standards.