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Operations or

Departmental Manager




An Operations or Departmental Manager Apprentice will gain knowledge and skills such as:

  • How to recruit and develop people.

  • How to train new staff on the standards and procedures of the company.

  • How to manage talent and performance of team members.

  • How to delegate and enable delivery though others.

  • How to monitor and manage departmental budget and forecasting budgetary requirements and produce accurate financial reports.

  • How to set strategic long and short-term departmental goals and evaluate outcomes.

  • How to compare different leadership styles.

  • How to lead multiple and remote teams and manage team leaders.

  • How to motivate and improve performance using coaching and mentoring approaches.

  • How to critically analyse organisational cultures and diversity and the impact this has on leading and managing change.

  • How to motivate and inspire staff and facilitating personal growth.

  • How to communicate job expectations to staff.

  • How to set up and manage a project using relevant tools and techniques.

  • How to identify risk and put in place steps to mitigate them.

  • How to create operational plans, including setting KPIs.

  • To manage conflict, at all levels using effective negotiation and influencing skills.

  • How to build trust within the team.

  • How to compare time management techniques and tools  and explain how to prioritise activities.




The entry requirement for this apprenticeship will be decided by Northwest Education and Training but may typically be five GCSEs at Grade C or higher.




  • Operations Manager

  • Regional Manager

  • Divisional Manager

  • Department Manager  

  • Specialist manager

  • Middle Manager

  • Store Manager

  • A Variety of Specialist Managers



The apprenticeship will take 18 months to complete.

How It Works

scoping icon 2.png

1. Initial Scoping Session

We provide an initial scoping session, which includes everything from mapping the Job Role to the correct Level Apprenticeship, agreeing delivery programmes and helping employers understand the apprenticeship funding process.

enrollment icon.png

2. Enrolment 

We enrol/induct the learners and explain how a bespoke delivery plan, based on the requirements of the business, will work in practical terms.

delivery icon.png

3. Delivery

Over the duration of the training we support the learners in the workplace with face to face and remote sessions. We also support the apprentices’ mentor and/or line manager's involvement in overseeing the Apprenticeship training.

assessment icon.png

4. Assessment

We arrange all relevant end point assessment and prepare the learner on what to expect during end point assessment.

certification icon.png

5. Certification

Following the successful completion of the training the learner receives their certification.


Operations or



Fact Sheet




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