NWEAT International Ltd has been developed for training and development in Dubai and surrounding cities in UAE.

Specialising in engineering management and vocations, Dr Hussain Ahmed is leading the delivery of all training across the region.

Dr Ahmed has over 30 years of industrial & academic experiences and knowledge in field research, training and lecturing. Currently he is a professor at the American University of Sharjah- UAE as well as in other British universities.

With particular experience in oil and gas engineering he has delivered training in the UK, US and UAE.

Dr. Hussein Ahmed

Director of International Training 

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  • Oil Well Drilling

  • Technology Oil production – artificial lift technology

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery methods –

  • EOR Drilling calculations & Drilling Fluids Drilling engineering and well completion

  • Reservoir engineering fundamentals

  • Introduction to Oil & Gas Production

  • The principles of petroleum economics

  • Introduction into Oil & gas Industry Petroleum refinery (operation and processing)

  • Surface production operations / facilities (oil and gas treatments)

  • Oil & Gas separators (operation, construction, problem solving….)

  • Oil and gas storage tanks (specifications; calculations; gauging ...)



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