Large Good Vehicle drivers work with a variety of subsectors which may include; shipping, removals, import/export, freight, hazardous goods, and food. It is the obligation and responsibility of these drivers to ensure that they drive in a safe and fuel efficient manner, adhering to the correct safety procedures and regulations so that they may maintain the integrity of the load they are transporting and the vehicle they are operating. Drivers must be thorough, precise, attentive and alert when ensuring that the right products are delivered at the right time, location and temperature (if required).

LGV Drivers communicate with a wide range of people and customers, and strive to meet expectations by providing a quality service that encourages repeat business, showing drive and energy even when challenges arise. Individuals in this role are highly competent in using industry-recognised systems (such as systems for reporting defects) and associated services.


Details of Standard

The core skills you will learn on this course includes:

  • Drive safely and efficiently (SAFED) on public and private roads, and manoeuvre the vehicle in restricted spaces.

  • Proficiently control the vehicle in all traffic situations and weather conditions.

  • Use relevant equipment and machinery safely and efficiently to ensure the safe handling of customer goods, safely open and restrain trailer and vehicle body doors.

  • Comply with relevant systems and processes, following instructions and organisational policy.

  • Prepare the vehicle and the load for deliveries, including safely using and positioning vehicle fitted equipment.

  • Protect the driver, vehicle and the load from theft and damage.

  • Effectively plan the most economical route to be used, minimising waste and loss).

  • Use basic IT systems appropriately and in line with organisational requirements.

  • Fully comply with appropriate legislation and regulation.

  • Establish a good rapport with customers/colleagues.

  • Use appropriate methods to communicate effectively with customers and colleagues in line with organisational standards

  • Work well in a team, showing an ability to work under pressure and to agreed deadlines.


The core behaviours you will learn on this course includes:

  • Consistently demonstrate integrity, credibility, honesty and personal drive.

  • Take responsibility for their own safety and that of others at all times, particularly when driving.

  • Take ownership for own performance and training, and proactively keep up to date with industry developments.

  • Strive to achieve the best results in all they do.

  • Demonstrate a commitment to achieving all personal and organisational objectives.

  • Show a genuine interest in meeting the needs of others.

  • Demonstrate pride in their own role through a consistently positive, professional approach with customers and members of wider team.

  • Show willingness to accept changing priorities and adapts well to new work patterns and changing requirements, with a flexible  approach to their work.


The core knowledge you will learn on this course are includes:


  • Safe, controlled and fuel efficient driving techniques relating to driving the LGV.

  • Safe use of equipment and machinery.

  • Vehicle preparation.

  • How to protect the vehicle and associated loads.

  • Planning and preparing processes.

  • Basic IT applications and other relevant technology and systems.


The apprenticeship will take 12 months to complete, this does not include EPA.


Entry Requirements

Apprentices must hold a valid UK driving licence (at least Cat B i.e. car licence) in order to access the

apprenticeship and must be 18 years old by the time they are rea to gain their provisional vocational

licence. Apprentices without Level 1 English and maths will need to achieve this level and take the test for Level 2 English and maths prior to taking the end point assessment.



Level 2.


The apprenticeship should be reviewed after a maximum of 3 years.

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