"Andy has helped me throughout lockdown by going over work from the month prior whilst also talking about work coming up and what is needed to make sure it is of the highest quality."

—  William, Business Administrator Apprentership 2020

  • thehutgroup-250x250.png

    Customer Service Practitioner

    Apprenticeship, June 2020

    Anonymous, The Hut Group

    "I feel like I am progressing well, keeping up to date with tasks.

    Assessor is very helpful and I know I can come to Leonie if I need any help with the work. Explains all tasks well. Monthly meetings are helpful to break down tasks. 

    I don't think 1 hour study time a week is enough and it would be more beneficial going back to the 2 hours as a lot of the 1 hour is wasted setting up or deciding what you are going to work on. I would also prefer to complete most of the tasks in one sitting them starting and going back to it so 2 hours would be better."

  • thehutgroup-250x250.png

    June 2020

    NWEAT Employer, The Hut Group

    "I have been working alongside NWEAT now for the past 18 Months and would highly recommend the assessors that have looked after my apprentices.  They are dedicated, helpful and make learning easy by putting apprentices at ease when things get difficult for them.


    Seven of my apprentices have completed their NVQ with flying colours and all achieved distinctions which I am very proud of.  I am grateful to the NWEAT assessors for their dedication."

  • thehutgroup-250x250.png

    Business Administrator Apprenticeship,

    June 2020

    Anonymous, The Hut Group

    "I work as a project worker in an organisation. As a business admin apprentice, I believe that I am progressing well because it allows me for workplace learning, gain knowledge in many different things such as how to work effectively as a part of team while developing the necessary skills and earning a Level 3 qualification. 


    My assessor is very nice, helpful and supportive all the time. She explains me things several times if I am unclear about something. I always get quick replies from her of the emails which I think is the best part.


    I think that the duration period of the apprenticeship should be 12 months instead of 18 months because I wanted to start a proper job in the same field.


    Overall, I am happy with the apprenticeship!"

  • thehutgroup-250x250.png

    Business Administrator Apprenticeship,

    June 2020

    Anonymous, The Hut Group

    "Whilst working towards my qualification in business admin, I feel that I have progressed massively in the business. I have also took on a bigger role within my company as I am working 5 days a week, alongside my colleague who is currently working 1 day a week due to lack of childcare.


    I feel that I am supported by my assessor quite well, she emails regularly to make sure that I am getting on with my work and not struggling. 


    I would suggest others commit maybe a day a week to complete apprenticeship work as well as times when you're available to do the work."

  • thehutgroup-250x250.png

    Business Administrator Apprenticeship,

    May 2020

    Phoebe, The Hut Group

    "Andy has been very helpful in aiding me to still carry on my apprenticeship work with us being out of office. We have still been able have our monthly meetings and go through in detail what work I need to complete to be able to be on target for my apprenticeship end date. He has also explained to me what changes I may face when completing my end point assessment which will allow me to be prepared for any changes that I might face."

  • thehutgroup-250x250.png

    Customer Service Practitioner

    Apprenticeship, May 2020

    Grace, The Hut Group

    "Since starting my apprenticeship at The Hut Group, Andy has been a massive help. He has supported me on my work and made sure that I was up to date whenever I came to see him and if I was struggling he would find ways to help me.


    He made the meetings feel as though I was just chatting to a friend and that way it helped me to communicate with him better and feel more comfortable when telling him that I was finding something difficult. 


    I really appreciate how much Andy helped me with my apprenticeship."

  • thehutgroup-250x250.png

    Business Administrator Apprenticeship,

    October 2019

    Ben, The Hut Group

    "I’m currently a student of NWEAT, my assessor is Andrew Hickey. He has been assessing me on Business admin, which is my current course of study. Andy helps me to see how business admin links to my role as a CX administrator, by showing different ways to file, to send emails among hundreds of other things. I am always provided with excellent support with anything I need, and I believe it would be almost impossible without Andy. The course helps me with my role as it trains me on different business procedures and all the ways to behave in a business environment.

    I have achieved a number of accolades with the apprentice project, gaining partnerships with multiple local schools for this current academic year, to try and attract new apprentice talent for the business, which could save the company a large amount of money on annual wages.

    The combination of all my projects that I have been tasked with and have completed could have the potential to save the company over £1 million. An achievement I am very proud of.

    Through the project I have also gained a lot of personal growth, learning where I can deal with situations in a more calm and professional manner. The apprentice scheme has helped to acknowledge my faults and learn to progress myself from that point. This led to me helping set up the apprentice committee which I am hoping will be a great success.


    I am very happy with my progress with the apprenticeship that I am doing. I have learnt a lot from the apprenticeship and from Andy and have been able to implement it into my daily work."

  • huntapac logo.png

    Business Improvement Techniques Apprenticeship, August 2019

    Joanne, Huntapac

    "I have thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the BIT programme I have taken part in. The programme has given an insight into other areas within the business and opened my eyes to a new way of thinking. I have learnt ways in which to save money and run more efficiently both within my department and other areas within the business. 


    It’s been a pleasure to be a part of, our team worked well together and our tutor gave us encouragement and knowledge in all areas."

  • e904d647-a1a3-4c72-a71d-a4b2dfb436a2.jpg

    Driver's VRQ Course,

    June 2019

    Ellison's Limousines

    "Just like to say how much I enjoyed the course in Crawley. I learnt lots & appreciate having the opportunity to attend. Steve & Stan, the tutors were great, very knowledgeable & humorous. Time flew past.

    Hope you have a marvellous holiday hopefully the dun will shine for us both."

  • huntapac logo.png

    Business Improvement Techniques Apprenticeship, August 2019

    Jowita, Huntapac

    "I’m very pleased I had an opportunity to be involved in BIT 2 which gave me insights to the techniques on how to approach a project in the best way to have a better chance at success.


    Past year was very informative and Jo was always helpful, even outside of the sessions.

    Even more in my case, where English is my second language and Jo was able to pass some translation on key words which I wasn’t confident about. I could prepare better for my  English and Math exams.


    As a group, we have competed 3 projects which will make a difference for our site. Going forward we will carry on working within our groups to deliver saving for the company, become more lean and to reduce waste. Our new projects are starting on the 16.10.19.

    We will definitely carry on using the knowledge that we gained in past year.


    Jo is very pleasant and patience person which helped us to understand each step of our course and the impact it had on the whole project, and push us to the right direction when we were going of track.


    I'm looking forward to more courses in the future, hopefully with Jo as a assessor."

  • bac45feb-b5c3-4d38-9145-0fba64c32a59.jpg

    Driver's CPC Course,

    June 2019

    Tyrers Coaches

    “ the delivery from the tutors was both interesting and informative, it’s always good to learn something new, and refresh existing knowledge, in an open and engaging environment, we all had things to learn and knowledge to share.

    In today’s world of equality, disability awareness is an absolute must for all drivers”


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