Ambulance support workers respond to emergency calls from the public and wider health and social care communities. In this role you will transport individuals as required from and to different locations or treatment centres. You will work as a part of a double ambulance crew with senior staff members such as a paramedic or associate ambulance practitioner.

Details of Standard

Apprentices will need to complete two mandatory qualifications covering ambulance care and ambulance driving (emergency or non-emergency), with the combination being selected based on the specific role (this standard supports four different role types).

One accredited level 3 ambulance care qualification, from:

  • Diploma in Ambulance Emergency and Urgent Care Support

  • Certificate in Ambulance Patient Care: Urgent Care Services

  • Award in Ambulance Patient Care: Non-Urgent Care Services

  • Certificate in Ambulance Patient Care: Non-Urgent Care Services


and one accredited ambulance driving qualification, from:

  • Level 3 Certificate in Emergency Response Ambulance Driving

  • Level 3 Award in Patient Care Services: Ambulance Driving


Legacy IHCD driving awards for Emergency and non-emergency driving will be accepted where candidates can demonstrate current and relevant driving experience.


The apprenticeship will take 13 - 18 months to complete, this does not include EPA.


Entry Requirements

Individual employers will set their own apprenticeship requirements.



Level 3.

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